Mentoring                     Why Should You Mentor With Me? I will keep my answer short & to the point! Simple,... because as a seasoned businessman I have been there & done it..with over 20 years experience running multiple businesses across a broad range of sectors. SOME FACTS - About Mentors, Advisor’s & Consultants FACT: "business plan building" is big business, as demonstrated by the thousands of books, tapes, videos, courses & countless hours of business plan advisory services sold every day. FACT: There are those who will attempt to persuade you that you must know everything there is to know about electricity before you can operate a light switch. Don’t be surprised that the same people are from academia, government or large corporations, have absolutely no hands-on experience in starting & growing a venture, nor any comprehension of the importance or even the existence of the entrepreneurial exponent, & no capability, whatsoever, of understanding & operating at risk. FACT: Many business advisor’s & consultants who sell business planning tools, advice, books, or workshops, are mid-level corporate managers who have never owned a business in their life.... & never will.   "Stay away from people who have no hands-on business ownership experience, especially those who preach you 'MUST' have  a business plan to be successful." - Perseverance is the must have pre-requisite to be successful.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Because, I’m simply good at what I do; I really enjoy helping people start a new business & watching it flourish. Our clients range from start-up’s, & SME’s to directors of large companies in Europe, UK & the United States who wish to enhance their business.  Recent clients from the last (3-5 years) span the globe & some of our client/business relationships have lasted more than two decades. I consistently provide exceptional value with the special skills to keep clients mindful of things to be done, knowledgeable of how to do them, & the inspiration to get them accomplished! For NO FEE I'll be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding mentoring & how we might work together. Let's explore if my abilities would be an appropriate fit for your plans, goals & ambitions. Should you be seeking specific advice regarding the advancement of your business, I'll consult with you at the rates shown on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. Unlike many consultancy companies we openly share our our fee structure for the services we provide.                                          CONSULTATION FEE’S      



Affordable Monthly Payments Take Advantage of Our Monthly Interest Free Instalment Plans Spread The cost Over 12 Months on a Pay-As-You-Go Plan 12 Month Plan attracts a Discount - Paid in Advance Why delay YOUR success when you can make the right choices immediately? Dedicated support - it’s all about YOU & we're here to help at every step. Need to validate us before you make a decision?  Please check our testimonials & case studies we are sure you will recognise the support, quality & value behind our fees -we get results. Don't procrastinate, if you have any questions do please get in touch by completing the form on the right or email Getting Started ? Thinking of Starting a Business? Click Here if you're still at the "just thinking about it" stage.

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