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The Country

Romania - the nation with potential

Strategically positioned in the heart of South-Eastern Europe, bordered by Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania is the second largest country in the CEE region, with a youthful population of around 20.5 million. Romanian is a Latin-based language, like Italian, Spanish & French, so it is much easier for visitors & investors to understand.                                            

A diverse & beautiful country

As a prime location for international investment, Romania also boasts a diverse landscape, with everything from lively modern cities to un-spoilt rural charm. It is rapidly gaining a reputation as a popular & rewarding holiday destination, further fuelling demand for property, as visitors discover the delightful Black Sea beaches & the Carpathian Mountains & Transylvania Alps, perfect for mountaineering & skiing. Romania is rich in medieval castles, spiritual monasteries, & has plenty of natural healing springs & spas where you can relax. Romania’s size means there’s plenty of room for wildlife too - another attraction for visitors. The country plays host to over 60% of the European brown bear population (around 5,600) & 40% of the wolf population (around 3,000). There are lynx too, along with a beguiling variety of plants, birds & other small creatures.
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