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The People

Foreign visitors consider Romanian’s among the friendliest & most hospitable people on earth. Romanian’s are by nature fun loving, warm &  hospitable, with an innate good sense of humour. Romania’s people are one of its greatest assets. With a population of 20 million, Romania is the second most populous country in the region & has one of the fastest-growing economies. Many leading international companies have chosen to establish regional headquarters in Romania, providing additional employment opportunities for the well-educated & highly motivated workforce. Rapid economic growth has fuelled consumer spending in the country, with strong demand for cars, clothes, electronic goods & modern properties. Many sizeable new shopping centres are currently under construction, underlining the strength of this new demand. It is driven by a young aspiring class, who will work hard to achieve their material goals. Only 55% of the population currently live in urban areas, compared with over 80% in established EU countries. This proportion is rapidly increasing as aspiring Romanians move to the cities to share in the prosperity of an emerging Romania. This major migration process increases the demand for urban property fuelling demand.

Famous Romanians in Arts & Sports

Constantin Brancusi - one of the most acclaimed modern sculptors. Angela Gheorghiu - one of the world's greatest opera sopranos. Alexandra Nechita - a young Romanian painter living in California, known for her distinct style. Ilie Nastase - U.S. Open & Roland Garros tennis winner is still one of the crowd favourites at the U.S. Open. Nadia Comaneci - Olympic gold medal gymnast recognised the world over. Other world renowned Romanian artists include the writer Eugen Ionesco, pan flute virtuoso Gheorghe Zamfir, piano player Radu Lupu and musician George Nescu.
Ilie Nastase
Nadia Comaneci
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