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Romania’s lively capital, the ninth largest city in the EU, is home to more than 2.1million people. Bucharest has been playing a leading role in the country’s economic renaissance. Multi-national companies such as Renault, Ford, General Electric, Continental, Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, IKEA, Carrefour, & Vodafone Glaxo Smith Kline have all chosen Romania as their regional headquarters, with many opting for locations in Bucharest. The capital is set for continued growth with major new infrastructure projects such as a new motorway, ring road & a recent expansion of the international airport. Bucharest owes its stylish elegance to the re-modelling of the city by French & French-trained architects between 1870 and 1920. Wide, tree-lined boulevards & graceful Belle Époque buildings gave the city the nickname “Little Paris.” Today there’s a thriving cultural & economic life, with attractions ranging from captivating historic churches to communist megaliths. Bucharest is a city of distinctive neighbourhoods, from the quaint old streets of the historic centre to affluent contemporary suburbs such as Pipera in the north of the city.  As the third largest city in the region - after Athens & Istanbul - Bucharest has attracted the lion’s share of inward investment into Romania so far, & prospects for further growth are considerable.


Transylvania’s historic capital, Cluj-Napoca (generally shortened to Cluj) is a tantalising mix of old & new. Its many historic attractions, together with top universities based in the city, & the beauty of the surrounding countryside, combine to make Cluj an attractive place to live & work. It is a good place to do business too. Cluj has also become a magnet for international investment & enjoys excellent transport links within Romania as well as direct flights from its international airport to London, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Florence, Verona & Budapest.


The most important city in western Romania, Timisoara has long been an intellectual and commercial centre, dating back to its days under the rule of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire. Closer in style to the cities of Western Europe, Timisoara is an important hub for Romania’s fast emerging IT and telecom’s industry. Other significant commercial sectors include engineering, textiles, food, beverage, timber processing & footwear. With its intellectual capital & thriving commercial life, Timisoara has proved a popular & rewarding investment centre with more growth expected.


The picturesque city of Brasov lies little more than 160kms from Bucharest. Brasov is a delightful city, full of old-world charm, classic attractions, & pleasing open squares. Within easy reach of many surrounding attractions, Brasov is the perfect base from which to explore the region. It is also situated close to Romania’s top ski resorts. If skiing isn’t enough of a thrill, then why not make a trip to the nearby castle of Bran, Dracula’s home of legend. Along with its historic & natural attractions, Brasov is a lively modern city with a thriving commercial life & is currently one of the most popular places to live & work in Romania. Demand for new property is strong, & international investors continue to enjoy healthy returns from the city.          


Transylvania is a nature lover's paradise. The Transylvanian Alps and the Western Carpathian Mountains have scattered villages nestling below summits and vast forests. These mountains offer some of the best skiing in Romania & challenging trekking itineraries. Transylvania is home to many romantic castles & fortresses, including Bran Castle, Dracula's castle of legend. The region also contains some of Europe's best-preserved medieval towns; Sibiu, Sighisoara & Brasov. The region attracts the interest of academics & historians.

Retezat National Park

Retezat National Park, a UNESCO biosphere protection area, is the largest single area of pristine mixed forest in Europe. The park has deep narrow valleys, alpine pastures, wide plateaus covered with flowers, high passes & over 80 glacial lakes.  Retezat National Park - Biosphere Reservation is located in the western part of the Carpathians & covers an area of 38,138 hectares from the massive Retezat Godeanu.  Within this Park there are over 20 peaks that exceed 2000 meters .  This wonder of the nature offers a unique floral & fauna diversity with 1190 species of plants, 168 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles and 5 amphibian species.

Danube Delta

The waters of the river Danube flow into the Black Sea & form the largest & one of the best preserved deltas in Europe. A diverse wetland environment of channels, lakes, reed isles, tropical woods, pastures & sand dunes, it covers nearly 5,640 sq km. The Danube delta hosts over 300 species of birds as well as 45 species of freshwater fish. Around 1,150 different kinds of plants can be found in its many lakes & marshes.                   The Plains of the Danube Delta          

The Black Sea

The Romanian Black Sea coast has fine, soft sand & safe, gently sloping beaches, with practically no tides or currents & a warm, dry climate in summer.  The coastline stretches for 230 km & has many fine resorts & hotels, with many leisure facilities. Some of the best resorts are Mamaia, Eforie-Nord, Neptun, Venus, Mangalia & Costinesti. In addition to the beach resorts, ancient monuments, vineyards & healing lakes add to the Black Sea's appeal. The lakes at Techirghiol & Agigea are reputed to have special curative powers, so spa resorts have opened up in these areas.  Romania’s Black Sea coast remains delightfully unspoilt, with sensitive development opportunities to create world-class resorts in several locations offering further opportunities for investors.
The Black Church
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